Pregnancy without symptoms, is it possible?


young pregnant ladyIt is true that pregnancy brings changes not only in the body but also in the soul of the expectant mother. Mood swings are very intense and frequent, so deal with what is happening to you and your partner.


In the beginning, immediately after the diagnosis of pregnancy, you are excited, suddenly you cry. No, you are not moody, the responsibility lies with the "protagonists" of this nine-month show, which are hormones. All you need at this stage, and especially your partner, is patience.


Hormone increase

Many are the ones who blame the hormones for the changes in a pregnant woman's mood, however, no one can understand that these are what make a woman a "mom"! Emotional charges are frequent and intense at this time. Some women, in fact, discover that they come to the surface, either consciously or in their dreams, memories of their past relationships or experiences from their childhood or even from their own infancy.


The role of prospective dads when their partner states that they feel vulnerable is above all to show understanding and understand that everything is due to the increase in hormones, such as prolactin, progesterone, etc. So, the fact that their partner during pregnancy and especially the first 12 weeks has morning sickness and anxiety about the outcome of childbirth is not accidental, so it would be good to be patient and help her relax.


What to expect!

Every month and as the pregnancy progresses, you discover new changes in your body and your emotions. Who are they;


1st-3rd month: During this period you will feel different than usual. You may have pre-menstrual symptoms such as bloating or tender breasts, swollen abdomen and decreased energy. You may also notice changes in your appetite and aversion to or preference for certain foods. Many women experience symptoms of nausea, vomiting, constipation and frequent urination, and often have increased emotional sensitivity.

4th month: The fatigue and decreased energy you feel have disappeared, as you have obviously become accustomed to your condition. During this time you will feel very well, your skin and hair will shine, while you will be stronger and more relaxed than ever, as your muscles and ligaments become more flexible.

5th month: Most women especially enjoy this month. Your dreams may be more vivid than usual, and your increased emotional sensitivity can bring unexpected emotions to the surface.

8-month pregnant lady

6th-7th month: You feel good and you are full of vitality and enthusiasm as your baby kicks! However, there is a chance that you will feel more pressure due to the size and weight of the growing uterus, while very often the baby presses on the bladder, which causes frequent urination. Rest and exercise, combined with proper nutrition, are important in this phase of pregnancy.


8th month: The uterus almost covers your pelvic cavity and reaches below your ribs. You may feel that your uterus is "falling" if your baby's head is at the height of the pelvis. The pressure of the heavier uterus on your stomach may cause heartburn, especially when you are lying on your back. Your pelvis expands and there is often some discomfort in the joints, in the back of the pelvis, or in the pubic symphysis.


9th month: The pelvic ligaments gain maximum flexibility, allowing the pelvic joint to stretch. You feel the need for more peace and meditation and you may feel a strong "nesting" instinct, a desire to prepare your home for the arrival of the baby. The uterus reaches your sides and the baby's head takes up space at the height of the pelvis. The cervix matures and softens and the mucous plug that has blocked the uterus will be removed, so you can see some fluid, perhaps stained with blood. The membranes of the amniotic sac may rupture ("break the water") before labor begins.


Discuss with your partner!

It is a good idea to talk to your partner and doctor about how you are or are feeling. Don't shut yourself in and externalize your thoughts and concerns. Make sure you spend your free time creatively, so that you are always busy and therefore do not have thoughts that stress you out.


What to do!

  • Do a relaxing massage, avoid standing for long hours and try to rest as often as you can.

  • At this stage of your life, exercise and exercise in general will facilitate blood circulation and muscle strengthening. Consult your doctor to suggest the appropriate exercises for your case as well as sports.

  • Follow a proper diet, with foods rich in magnesium and vitamins B2 and B6, to keep your hormones at normal levels.

  • Put an end to guilt-ridden thoughts. Many expectant mothers feel insecure about their baby's future and the smooth outcome of the pregnancy. Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be bothered by such thoughts.

  • Spend time with yourself. Take a trip to the shops and refresh yourself with a visit to the hairdresser.

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