Nutrition during pregnancy!


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Nutrition in pregnancy plays an important role for a pregnant expectant mother as a good diet is of paramount importance for the smooth course of pregnancy and the proper development and development of the fetus.


Every pregnancy causes major changes and disruption to the body of the pregnant woman. Therefore, the more careful and proper the diet followed by the pregnant mother, the better her body will receive the fetus and ensure uninterrupted growth.


Control your weight!

Do not allow excessive growth, but do not seek to lose weight during the 9 months. You should also not deprive your body of the foods and ingredients you need and need throughout the 9 month period. After all, all of the valuable substances you store in your body through your diet are those that will feed your newborn baby in the first weeks of life.


What you should do

Reduce Fat: Milk, yogurt, cheese and generally all dairy products you consume should be lean. Your diet should include lean meat, chicken, eggs and fish in order for your body not to lack the necessary protein. Vegetables, both raw and boiled, as a major source of fiber, vitamins and trace elements should never be missing from your plate. Eating some vegetables in between meals, such as carrot, tomato, cucumber or a lettuce salad, creates a feeling of satiety, deceives hunger and supplies the body with valuable ingredients necessary for both you and your baby. .


Fruits should also be eaten in the middle of meals and not afterwards as a dessert. It's another way to trick you into hunger between meals, and to avoid the harmful and thick "delicacies" you might be looking for if you're hungry.


As a pregnant mother, you should also prefer bread and pasta to be whole grain.


Cut out sweets, chocolates, ice creams and cookies altogether and satisfy your desire for glucose with a little honey or wholegrain toast.


Drink Water!legumes

Hydrating your body is a very important thing and you should not neglect it. You should drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks and artificial juices which, due to their high sugar content, contribute to fat accumulation and weight gain, without actually giving you any useful ingredients. Even natural juices, when consumed sparingly and sparingly, become uncontrollably thick and many times without even realizing it. A glass of natural juice with your breakfast is enough.


Finally, foods containing preservatives and ready meals should be avoided. It is useful for every person, but for those of you who are pregnant it is even more useful to read their recommendation before you buy it.


Because what you crave is a healthy baby, it is sure that you will do everything to follow your doctor's instructions and advice on your diet. By controlling the foods, you are essentially controlling your weight and giving your body all the energy it needs to cope with its dual role, nourish you and your fetus properly.




Source: Cyprus Pediatric Society.

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