My own little prince!


mom with kid in her back

I have a little prince in my house who makes me feel unique!
He hugs me, he looks me straight in my eyes and tells me that he loves me endlessly. He caresses me when I'm not expecting it and tells me that he will never get married, because he always wants to be close to me.
He paints flowers for me, helps me set up my office and tells me fairy tales with dinosaurs, lions & flamingos, where we are the protagonists!
This summer, he gave me the first star that comes out every night in the sky and we kept it a secret from the others!
 A photo of us with Spiderman's stickers is pasted on the wall above his bed.
The stickers are glued, and our photo is salivating!
My prince also has a competitor, who gives me hearts cut into pieces, like a puzzle, and knows how to give the sweetest butterfly kisses!
Who can resist caresses and sweet talks?
It's like seeing fireworks, like eating the tenth chocolate truffle, as if you've already discovered, from the wrapper, what a gift your godfather has brought you! And be the gift you wanted!
If we, who are "adults", cannot resist caresses, imagine how much our children need our caresses!
A gentle massage on their body when they are babies calms them down, relaxes them, makes them feel safe and secure, that someone cares about them.
An open hug, which is always waiting for them to perch inside her, makes them feel happy and protected!
A look at them alone makes them incredibly happy.
And never a child complained about the tone of our voice when we sang them to lullaby.
Everything we offer them makes us feel better, richer, "complete"!
Together with the body, we touch their soul and our own soul is reborn.
And the more soul touches we offer to our children, the more in turn they will reciprocate to those around them as they grow older.
Because as long as we caress them, we create reserves of love in them!
And if some of you parents don't know how to do this because some people weren't next to you to offer you their own hug as you grew up, or because they didn't think caresses and sofas are great, start by offering to your children, a smile and a kiss on their cheek!
happy baby