My kid is squealing!


kid screaming

The nature of young children 'patronizes' them to explore their abilities as much as possible. So screams are another way of exploring communication and of themselves!
Screams are a form of communication that entertains young children. As early as infancy they have explored the possibility of producing different sounds at different intensities. So what can you do to persuade your child to stop crying?

Teach the correct way

As with any new toddler experiment, so they need proper guidance in order to find out what volume is right. In other words it is an opportunity for you parents to teach your child which practices are socially acceptable when communicating and which are not. The strategies to guide a preschooler to stop crying are simple…
  • Do not look panicked or angry when your child starts crying. Any indication that this behavior is taking you out of your tranquility and losing your temper gives you the message that voices are a way to get your attention. In other words, when he looks like shouting at a wall at some point, he will get tired and give up that effort. But if he believes that his way has made you angry or scared you, he understands that at least you are dealing with him and will of course repeat this behavior at some point and begin to manipulate you.
  • Use gestures to show him that he needs to be quiet. For example, put your finger on your lips to keep quiet and tell him "we are talking in a low voice now". So you teach your child that you prefer to hear those beautiful, low-pitched sounds he can produce!
  • Shout out! As soon as it starts squeezing go out immediately and start yelling at it. If you live in an apartment building the neighbors will not show understanding, but this is a visual way to show the child that voices are only allowed outside the home and not inside.

baby screaming

Why is it screaming?

  • Impressed by the power of  its voice!
  • Likes to test the volume!
  • Impressed with how instantly it attracts the attention of adults and is a way to get their attention and test their limits.
  • It is a normal stage in his cognitive process and verbal development, where it realizes his individuality.
  • In case of crying siblings simply wants to emulate them, or if voices are a common practice at home, the child has no choice but to follow her. Remember that parents and their behavior are role models for every child.
happy baby