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There are several reasons that can delay pregnancy today. Today's woman is in no hurry to get married mainly because she is increasingly pursuing higher or higher education or pursuing a career.
Nowadays, the acquisition of an older child than in the older years is a fact.
In the past, a pregnancy after 35 was considered to be a wrong, abnormal condition. It is nowadays considered a common, everyday phenomenon and pregnancy at these ages is perfectly normal. According to modern statistics, the rate of pregnancy in women aged 20-30 is declining, while it is steadily increasing among those who are over 35. However, every woman needs to know that there are many difficulties that affect both conception and pregnancy. pregnancy, as well as the fetus.
When it comes to possible complications in pregnancy at these ages, the increase in pregnancies by the method of IVF, which in any case, has a relatively increased chance of giving birth to obese and premature babies. The age of 35, even though the chances for some complications in pregnancy are starting to increase, is a fictitious threshold in the sense that there is no dramatic change in a woman's body on the day she turns 35. Today the lookout limit is considered to be 40 years old. Pregnant women over the age of 40 make up 1-1.5% of the total worldwide and 1/3 of them are expecting their first child.


The most common complications associated with the age of the pregnant woman, generally speaking, are preeclampsia (high blood pressure & urine scrapbook), premature birth due to premature rupture of the uterine membranes or contractions, abnormal posture and fetal projection as well and the difficulty in the normal development of childbirth.

It should be noted that age alone is not a risk factor for pregnancy.
However, more attention is needed when combined with signs of complications and pre-existing health problems. The risks of complications can be reduced by conducting appropriate examinations. Each organism is different and reacts differently!
Every expectant mother, irrespective of age, performs specific examinations during her pregnancy, indicated by her gynecologist, who is also the only one responsible for producing useful results for the fetus's health.
A well-known test is A-Test, which is done before the fourth month of pregnancy and which if combined with other tests can give useful information to the gynecologist or geneticist about the outcome of pregnancy and the development of the fetus. .
It is therefore a test, which for specialists is yet another useful tool that helps them determine the necessary exams to ensure that the baby being born is healthy. In addition to this test, there are other specific prenatal screening tests available at submitted by the pregnant woman.
So all future infants can rest assured that with proper follow-up, getting an older baby is not a lifelong dream, but a dream that can be realized with the help and guidance of their doctor!
Source: Cyprus Pediatric Society


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