Keep the baby safe in the bathtub!


baby in the bathtub

The baby's bath is an integral part of their care. Choose a bathtub wih a changing table and clean and easy to clean!

The Great moment is here!

When the bath time arrives, many mothers are anxious to get it all together! This is why you can benefit from buying a bathtub where you can clean your baby carefree, and also use the practical sheets and shelves she offers to touch essential items there.

Tips for a Safe Bath!

First of all, you need to make sure the water temperature is right, so it is advisable to obtain a thermometer and remember that the water temperature in the bathtub should be around 37 ° C, and the ambient temperature around 22 ° C. The baby is so sensitive and the last thing you would want is to have irritations! In addition, it is essential that you do not leave your baby more than 5 minutes in the bathtub.
You don't have to worry, just be careful! The safest move is to not leave your baby alone in the bathtub for a minute! Keep it under constant surveillance and wrap it gently with a dry towel when you are done rinsing it off. Make sure the towel is very soft so it does not cause redness on the skin. Also, wipe it well because moisture on the baby's skin can cause irritation.
Throughout the bath, make sure your movements are calm and relaxed. Be kind to the baby and smile often! Especially in the early days it will be difficult for him to adapt to the idea of ​​water running in his body.
Feel free to wet the baby's head. Slowly he learns to adjust to the feeling of water or shampoo on his face. If you see him reacting strongly as you bathe, give him some time and wipe his head with a damp towel. Try again, after three days or earlier if you find it acceptable.
Always use baby shampoo and shower gel. Common soaps affect baby's skin and make it more susceptible to fungal infections. Before you buy a baby bath product, make sure it has a neutral pH, as it should be indicated on the packaging. Also, the shampoo should contain anti-drying properties.

Extra Advise!

Play and laugh with your baby! You will realize that babies have a pervasive tendency to splash in the water and enjoy toys. So do not spoil it, just do it carefully and always with calm movements!


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