6 landmarks for fetus!


pregnant woman

We have compiled six typical events that occur in about 40 weeks of pregnancy and we present them to you!

1. The heart of the fetus begins to beat 22 days after conception, when the fetus is as big as a sesame seed. It strikes about twice as fast as yours throughout pregnancy. In the first quarter, his pulse reaches 157 beats per minute!


2. In the sixth (6th) week the fetus has a face and the genitals begin to form. Between the 9th and 12th week he pulls out his first hair. At 13 weeks all the major organs are formed and functioning normally despite the fact that the size of the fetus does not exceed your fist.


3. In about 18 weeks you will realize that she is moving, something like flying if she is your first pregnancy. In the second or third pregnancy you may find out earlier. The fetus is already "bumping" in your uterus from the eighth (8th) week!


4. The placenta promotes about 35% of the blood from your body to the baby (about 500 ml per minute). At the same time, your uterus, as you go about giving birth, will have become 500 to 1,000 times larger than its normal size. Such elasticity! Then he comes back.


5. The fetus acquires imprints around the 17th week and these are unique to the rest of its life. At 20 weeks he produces about 3 tablespoons of urine a day, derived from the amniotic fluid he swallows. The fetus swallows about two liters of amniotic fluid a day!


6. The fetal ears are perfected at 24 weeks and can hear sounds inside and outside the uterus. The loudest sound he hears is your voice, which relieves him especially if you talk to him. The eyes open for the first time around 26 weeks, but he sees nothing but darkness!


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