Demanding kids!


kid eating ice cream"I want another ice cream now!" The demanding child can become very annoying and make you lose your patience! But do not despair, we have the solution to correct his attitude.


How many times have we stopped on our way to observe the three-year-old boy who pulls his mom's skirt and asks her to fulfill a desire! This type of child is very difficult and often makes parents feel angry. The demanding child always wants something and wants it right now. The "later", "no" and "we will think" are phrases that do not exist in his vocabulary. What, however, is it that a child is doing so? Of course the way he has grown up and the principles he has taken from his parents. A demanding child is a spoiled child and as such must be treated! No matter what, you have to be rigorous!


6 Steps to imply your rules

Teach your little one to respect the decisions you make and help to forget his "bad" self! No parent was born perfect and it is perfectly natural to make mistakes in educating your children. The point is that when you realize these mistakes you have to make sure they are corrected and do not think it's too late for change!
1. When you say 'no' to something, be sure to stay in this decision from beginning to end ... As much as you cry, as if crying do not change your mind, trust your instinct and do not bow to unreasonable demands just to avoid discontent!
2. At an unsuspecting time talk to him and explain how bad his behavior is. Stressing you to buy him something while you explain to him that you are not holding money brings both you and the one in a difficult situation. You bet on his imagination and make sure he develops the feeling of "shame."
3. Make some discounts on the luxury benefits you offer ... Many times to appreciate something we need to lose it before.
4. Discuss with grandparents and ask them not to always retreat to the wishes of the little one. The fact that they love it does not mean that they must blindly fulfill all their "orders". It is also necessary to say no "no" where and where.
5. Apply the punishment in cases where your child exceeds the limits and becomes really pressing only. As soon as you get angry with him, do not hit it, but you can send it to his room, turn off the TV or cancel his afternoon ride. When things calm down, you can explain why you are punishing each other.
6. If it  starts crying and screaming in the middle of the road, keep your temper and ignore it. The harder it may seem is the best way to stop it. Still, remember that it's not such a good idea to fight or negotiate with a 5-year-old child!


Exigent children become antisocial, as it is extremely difficult for them to join a company or develop a friendship with another child.
Their character and their insistence on everything being done in their own way are an obstacle to the development of interpersonal relationships.

Young demanding children do not mean that they are "bad" children. Teach the child the right ways to express his desires. In any case, you should be aware of the following:

  • Encourage the child with your positive attention when it is not treated badly and on the contrary ignore it when it behaves badly.
  • Realize that no evil pure good! All currencies, in fact, have two sides ... Look for the good elements in your child's behavior (and yet there are!). What are these; The fact that such a demanding child "hides" within him a child who knows what he wants and how to set goals. A child who has great leadership skills but does not know where they stop and when it goes beyond the limits. This is your job to teach it.
  • Consider the behavior of yours and the people with whom the child is engaged. Perhaps this inappropriate behavior is due to the imitation of a person's similar behavior from your family or social environment.

Stay focused!

A basic part that we always care to highlight is the rules in which a child must grow up. Do not feel remorse when you set limits on your little one, An uncontrollable life does not benefit anyone. Besides, even the big ones have limits and we follow some rules in our everyday life. Your little one must learn that it is impossible to fulfill all his desires, because even if you are willing to do so, your friends, colleagues and generally his surroundings will not be compatible with such a prospect!


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