10 truths for the 10 years old kids


girl readingAs the child prepares to complete the first decade of his life, many things change before you realize them! What are these;


The age of 10 is perhaps the first major milestone in the life of children on the road to adolescence and adulthood. They have been in school for four years, their development - physical and emotional - is obvious and, naturally, mums and dads suddenly lost! Why? It's simple: One morning they find that their child is no longer so small! It is understood that he needs them, but he gives the first samples that puberty is near! Especially the mums who have sons do not know how to handle them, so do the dads with the daughters. Regardless of the sex of the child, the following are the most features of what you have to expect from a 10 year old kid!


1. Fitst thrills!

At this age, boys and girls are starting to express the first feelings about the opposite sex, The time when they were stating that "I will marry Mom" or "Dad" has passed.


2. Las hugs!

Along with the previous "symptom" comes in the following: your child is ashamed to be pampered and huged publicly! Especially when you are among other kids in school or elsewhere, do not be surprised if he passes his threshold without giving a kiss to Mom! Now his peers or classmates look at it and he does not want to appear as stick to  Mom! There is no reason to be misunderstood by feeling that your kid does not love you! Just the opinion of his peers is very important now that he "builds" the foundations of socialization and his acceptance by others.


3. Still needs your support

Although your kid will growl about your caresses, it will  turn to your love at the first chance! As he learns to be accepted by those around him, he will often doubt and challenge himself. Your role is to encourage it and show it how important it is and how unique it is for you!


4. The age of contradictions!

In the morning she insists on putting her good skirt to look like "lady" and to rival her friends, and in the evening she plays pillow-fight or bruises with her milk. This is the magical age of 10, an age full of contradictions!


5. Time for secrets!

Closed doors, secret diary, secret whispers on the phone, but what happens at last? Welcome to the 10-year-old world! As you will understand over time, you do not have to know it all! Many times your son will shut your door down to isolate himself with his friends or your daughter will be angry when you spy on him! It's perfectly normal!


6. Half kid, half adult

TThey try to convince you that they know when they have to read, and surely this time never matches the one you had in your mind, while at the same time they come home crying because the teacher cheated them!


7. A bit of freedom!ten years old kid

While those trying to prove they grew up, you even feared the idea that they would ask you to go to a party or that they would like to go to school alone. A lot of questions arise: "Will he watch the road? Do strangers approach it? Is it sure he knows the way? " By that time you make your decision and fight with your anxiety, 


8. Tough discussions

A 10-year-old today knows a lot more than you suspected when you were his age. That's why the questions that trigger a conversation with you are often unexpected or shocking! Be prepared to face some tough questions about sex and relationships.


9. Kind of omnicient

Today's 10-year-olds receive stimuli from everywhere. They know how to use a computer and cell phone before they even learn to hold the fork. They are learning to write messages on the cell before they learn to write sentences. And in general they are much more up to date and "suspicious" than you when you were 10 years old. They mature faster, become more independent, and generally you have to adjust even faster!


10. They always come back to you!

Although 10-year-old children are growing faster, still they are  children. They can go for two weeks camping alone or sleep in their friends' homes, but they will always look for the loving embrace of Mom and Dad and resort to them for protection when the world of the big ones scares them. Just as you did in their age!

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